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Marked: A House of Night Novel

Marked  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast I've read books 1 - 6 in this YA series, and overall, I think the series rates a solid 4 stars, the plots, characters and themes are all very entertaining despite obvious similarities to Harry Potter. Like many others I did get annoyed with Zoey and her friend's immaturity but they're TEENAGERS, for Pete's sake! They're immature at this age (and some remain immature their entire lives like my ex.) At least Zoey realizes she's making mistakes and works to rectify them and when she's wrong she admits to it. I like that. The other things I like about this series are the "magical" tattoos or markings. Whenever Z goes through another difficult time she receives more and more intricate tattoos. Though, being the goddess's Chosen One isn't all good times there's the red fledglings and the first red vampyre, her best friend, Stevie Rae, to contend with - are the red ones inherently evil or not? Will she someday have to battle her best friend? When she's not facing off with fallen angels and headmistresses from Hell, there's the sticky situations between Z and her 3 love interests, yep THREE, and he may not be the popular choice, but I am pulling for her human boyfriend, Heath, and really hope Z can pull off a miracle in the next book!