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Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Book 7)

Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy, Book 7) - MaryJanice Davidson Undead & Unworthy, the 7th (for Pete's sake) in the QB series is a real disappointment. Betsy isn't cute anymore, she's annoying. As are the two page long chapters her author is penning. Wth is with that? It's been two months since her official wedding to Sinclair and she's setting up house (all regular roommates included) and getting used to the idea of who she is, otherwise it's the same old crazy life as usual. This time her wicked step-mother is haunting her and the feral vampire Fiends are wanting her dead for good. Garrett, the fiend who got much better after Betsy gave him her blood, has been feeding his fellow fiends his improved DNA and now they are awake and pissed off. They can't believe she just left them in their pig-blood drinking barn squalor and went merrily about her undead way. Betsy feels terrible, of course. But busy helping Nick, her best friend's cop-boyfriend (who hates her & Sinclair) she continues to neglect the Fiends who end up killing innocent bystanders and not just human ones. From one page to the next, the situations and her reactions just get more & more unbelievable. Coupled with her ever-growing (though always mysteriously acquired) powers - she can cure cancer, can turn centuries old vampires to ash without really thinking about it, can make a non-shifting werewolf regain her shifting ability, can knock a roomful of friends unconscious, can wear religious icons, etc - which are granted to her without any sort of explanation, it has all begun to ring false. What is the author doing? Turning Betsy into a god of some sort? All this and her & Sinclair and having sex mere moments after the deaths of TWO of the roommates is ludicrous, especially since Betsy's supposed to be a "sensitive" kind of vampire. Puhhleeese. Maybe it's me, or the glut of vampire themed books out these days has gotten stale, but this installment by MJD really doesn't deliver, and frankly, if this is what we can expect from herein of the Queen Betsy series, well, I'm done. Grade D+