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An avid reader, if books were sustenance I'd be fat as a hog. I mainly read dark urban fantasies, but like to mix things up book-wise, just never enough time to read all the books I want to read!

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream - Susan Elizabeth Phillips In This Heart of Mine we meet Molly Somerville and Kevin Tucker from (#1 It Had to Be You and #3 Nobody's Baby But Mine, respectively) the Chicago Stars series again. Molly is the baby sister of Phoebe Calebrow, the team's owner & head coach's wife, and Kevin is the current quarterback. To make a long story short Molly gets pregnant by Kevin and being a preacher's kid he insists on marriage, but after they exchange their vows Molly suffers a miscarriage. They agree that when the publicity dies down they'll seek an annulment, but Molly, suffering from depression weeks later, misses their lawyer appointment and Kevin seeks her out. He convinces her to accompany him to upper Michigan where he's headed to appraise his family-owned campground so he can see if it needs restoration before he sells. They end up staying for a few weeks. This book has several intriguing plot lines that I really enjoyed. But SEP once again used a plot device that, personally, I was uncomfortable with, though the characters acknowledge it it's not dealt with it in any depth. In the novel's beginning Molly slips naked into Kevin's bed and thinking he's dreaming he has sex with her. And Kevin raises a valid point here that is glossed over with a lame apology. But, what if their positions had been reversed? We'd be probably crying rape if his attentions (like hers) were unwelcome. SEP used a very similar plot in #3 (Cal Bonner & Jane Darlington's book) except in that case she basically plans to get pregnant by him and never inform him. When is it ever okay to do either of these things? Nowhere in my personal opinion, but that's not saying it doesn't make for some interesting fiction, it certainly does and then some. Anyway, despite an unfavorable beginning to their relationship Kev & Molly soon form a friendship that soon escalates into a sizzling & satisfying romance for this reader. We also get to see where Kev's his emotional issues stem from and see his vulnerability which SEP really has a gift for writing. Overall, this book has plenty of heart and I would definitely recommend it to others. Grade: B+