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An avid reader, if books were sustenance I'd be fat as a hog. I mainly read dark urban fantasies, but like to mix things up book-wise, just never enough time to read all the books I want to read!

Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)

Lover Avenged  - J.R. Ward The mysterious vampire Rhevenge, the half-symphath, is revealed in book 7 to be a warrior of integrity and worth -though not in the Brotherhood - he battles evil on two fronts. His symphath side can sense and manipulate the emotions of others and lives off of mayhem. To suppress the symphath Rhev injects himself daily with dopamine, a brain chemical, that blocks his neurotransmitters and leaves his body numb and constantly freezing. His symphath side is reviled by the vampire community and must be kept secret else Rhev would be get deported to the colony, a prison, to live with psychotic pure-bred Symphaths. To keep his secret safe and his blackmailer satisfied, Rhev turned to the lucrative life of drug trafficking and running prostitutes, highly successful, he's rich but despises himself. But to protect a friend, Xhex another half-symphath, and keep his mother and sister from being ostracized Rhev hides his true self from everyone he loves even his new lover, Ehlena. There's much more to this fantastic book but I don't want to be guilty of writing spoilers, so pick up this book and enjoy discovering what happens for yourselves, it is so worth it!!