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An avid reader, if books were sustenance I'd be fat as a hog. I mainly read dark urban fantasies, but like to mix things up book-wise, just never enough time to read all the books I want to read!

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan This was my first look into the zombie apocalypse genre, and to my surprise, I actually enjoyed this story. The main character, Mary, is a typical teen in the sense that she's self-centered and obsesses over one thing: the ocean. It fuels her determination and she will risk anything to find a world beyond the forest and the fence. Many reviewers dislike Mary but I could emphasize with her desire to find something else, it's the same desire that pushes mountain climbers to risk life and limb scaling the heights of Mt. Everest, to see and feel more than the ordinary, and yes, this can be selfish but it's these determined explorers that open the world for the rest of us, they blaze a path for the rest of us to follow. So overall, I found this book intriguing and thought provoking. I wondered how I would react in this scary situation. Would I follow Mary or stay behind to possibly become one of the infected? I honestly don't know. It scares me to even contemplate it.