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An avid reader, if books were sustenance I'd be fat as a hog. I mainly read dark urban fantasies, but like to mix things up book-wise, just never enough time to read all the books I want to read!

An Ice Cold Grave (Harper Connelly Mysteries, No. 3)

An Ice Cold Grave  - Charlaine Harris This is the 3rd book in the Harper Connelly series following Grave Sight and Grave Surprise. It is a very easy book to get and stay interested in, this time, Harper and Tolliver are in Duraville, North Carolina where 6 teenage boys have disappeared in the last several years. News of Harper's unusual ability has reached Twyla Markham, grandmother to one of the missing boys, and she convinces the new sheriff along with the townsfolk to pitch in and hire Harper. Backstory: at 15 Harper was struck by lightning which left her with a bad right leg, a tendency for headaches and the ability to locate dead bodies and "read' what, but not necessarily who, caused their demise. The two aren't in town very long when Harper finds the bodies of the missing boys as well as those of two boys from nearby towns on an abandoned piece of property. Visions of their death are more gruesome, stronger, and darker than Harper's ever encountered before and leaves her literally sick and reeling in horror. The investigation continues to gear up and Harper & Tolliver just want to get out of town but the cold weather and an even colder killer keep making it impossible. I think this book is much better than the first, and, best of all can be read on its own merit, that's alway a plus to me.