Ravings of a Book Junkie

An avid reader, if books were sustenance I'd be fat as a hog. I mainly read dark urban fantasies, but like to mix things up book-wise, just never enough time to read all the books I want to read!

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - Christopher Moore A satirical and imaginative take on years 6 thru 33 of Jesus's life. The various religions that Christianity has borrowed from Moore creatively weaves into his narrative by having Biff and Jesus travel to find the three wise men or Magi so Joshua (Jesus) can learn what he needs to do to be the Messiah. From a stone temple carved into a desert mountain to the cliff caves in India, Biff and Joshua do everything from learn magic from a youth-obsessed magician and his nubile harem members to rescue a group of kids from a violent sect of the goddess Kali worshipers. All this is told from the pov of Biff, Christ's best friend. I laughed a lot reading this, and though I'm not a religious person, I really hope that if Jesus H. Christ did exist that he had a friend like Biff, someone that saw him as Joshua, someone who'd stick with him through the highs and lows - we all need that - but someone saddled with his burdens especially needed it. For those of you who are religious and think reading this might be sacrilegious, it might surprise you and teach you a thing or two ... like the story behind evolution and what the 'H' stands for. *giggles*